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How do I make an appointment?

Simply call the centre on 9743 2355.

Do I need a referral?

Psychological services may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare on 10 sessions per calendar year if you have a Mental Health Care Plan. Eligibility for this referral is assessed and reviewed by your GP. Please bring a copy of the plan on your first visit. You will need to go back to your GP for a review after 6 sessions in order to access a further 4 sessions. Please bring review letter after 6 sessions.

How long are the sessions?

A complete session with a clinician will take 50-60 minutes long. Actual neurofeedback training time may vary between 20 - 30 minutes. HRV training time will vary between 10-20 minutes.

What happens during a typical neurofeedback session?

The initial session will concentrate on assessing the main symptoms or complaints. An EEG assessment is also carried out. During following sessions the client will be attached to a computer through sensors. These sensors read and transmit brain activity information to the computer and DVDs are then used to train the desired brainwaves. 

How many sessions are needed?

For general counselling, the number of sessions varies, depending on the symptoms that need to be treated. Medicare provides a rebate on 10 sessions per calendar year, although more or less sessions may be needed. For neurofeedback, although results may be seen after 10 sessions, it is recommended that clients have 20 or more sessions for symptoms to be long lasting. 

How can I learn more about neurofeedback?

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