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Psychological Services

Counselling and psychological services are provided in order to help with a wide variety of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, grief, behavioural issues, anger management, stress, bullying, panic disorders and sleeping problems amongst others. Treatment is provided to children, adolescents and adults in a safe environment in which strategies are learnt and practised and symptoms are understood, in order for clients to increase their abilities to deal with the problems at hand, improving their overall well-being. 


Neurofeedback is a technique that is used to optimise brain functioning. As a result of training the brain, clients can improve their focus and cognitive functioning, increase attention, concentration, alertness, emotional regulation, relaxation and better control of moods, behaviour and body responses. It is an effective treatment for symptoms related to a number of conditions such as: ADHD, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic, depression, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, anger, tantrums, brain injuries, pain, learning difficulties, pain and peak performance amongst others.

Heart Rate Variability Training 

Heart rate variability training or HRV biofeedback is a technique in which clients train their heart rate variabilty through breathing exercises, with the use of biofeedback sensors and a computer. Heart rate variability is increased when the central nervous system is balanced, leading to a sense of well-being, increased relaxation, increased alertness and improved cardiovascular health. It is used to help with symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, increasing attention and concentration, improving peak performance and for overall health. 

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